Press Release

Beginners Publishing House from London, UK to exhibit at BookExpo America, New York – May 29-31, 2009

Jacobs Javits Center—May 29-31, 2009 — newly formed company Beginners Publishing House will kick off its first appearance at the Book Expo America this weekend.

Beginners Publishing House has been birthed from its first customer, namely Beginners Poetry.

Beginners Poetry's founder Donniece Greene-Smith started Beginners Poetry to create a platform for new poets, a place where you could take your time and build your portfolio alongside your peers.

Donniece suffered the loss of her daughter of 7 years of age. This loss which took place in Dec 2004 was very devastating for her family. She found it difficult to cope with so many simple things and found it necessary to find an outlet to release.

She began writing to release all that was going on within. She found writing just the medicine she needed to get to the root her feelings. What brought this on was the overwhelming amount of emotions she had at the loss her daughter.

By creating Beginners Poetry her hope was and is to encourage another who may be struggling or hurting in some way to write their way out of pain or write their way to a new and wonderful future.

Beginners Poetry was also created for the person who has many things to share but never really found a way to release it.

Its vision is to raise the consciousness of poetry, and its many different ways of expression. Beginners Poetry sought to build the confidence levels of our beginners in different ways by creating a unique forum that accommodated beginners but not just beginners.

Beginners Poetry lays claim to over 200 poets worldwide on its website of which many will take their first steps along with Beginners Poetry to have their poetry published by Beginners Publishing House.

Beginners Poetry has a desire to see their peers on Beginners Poetry’s website to take their poetry as far as they would see them go. It encourages poets to think big and work towards releasing the creativity that lives inside.

Beginners Poetry offers opportunites to print and publish their work with the help of Beginners Publishing House.

Here at Beginners Publishing House we have witness the results of this forum and the infectious effect it has and decided to help Beginners Poetry in working hand in hand with the publishing of its unique products.

Beginners Publishing House is pleased to be apart of this new product of Beginners Poetry.

Our aim is to see our unique products distributed in all the top bookstores around the world.